One who wishes good health upon oneself must take good care of one’s stomach, instructs the ancient folk wisdom. Wild edible plants improve the digestion and general well-being, with the spring being the right time to introduce them to our menus. Therefore, this year’s first Ri gastro event is dedicated precisely to the wild edible plants of Kvarner, such as asparagus, ramsons, nettles, those herbs that make up the traditional “mišanca” combination, as well as other detoxification foods with a beneficial effect on the human organism.

Thinking about nutrition and taking responsibility for one’s own health is indispensable with today’s stressful lifestyles. Everything that we take into the organism has an effect on our emotions, looks and energy, while additional exposure to stress and strain prevents the body from eliminating the accumulated toxins, which reflects badly on our health in the long-term. Detoxification is a way of removing the accumulated harmful substances and restoring the body and the spirit to a state of balance - naturally, because health and vitality start on your plate!