Throughout Rijeka's gastronomy days, many restaurants and taverns enrich their menus with special gastro-creations from “default” supplies, luring their visitors to taste the finest meals based on seasonal produce of our region.

The Gourmet Story is an occasion when the chefs get out of their kitchens and present their artfulness and skills to everybody in the great open air kitchen - at the Korzo or in front of the Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc. Gourmets, inquisitives and incidental passers-by have the chance to taste an entire pallet of kaleidoscopic sweet or savory snacks, which are only announcements of what is being offered in the caterers' facilities / partners of this manifestation. To come by such delicacies “on the street”, to be able to try out, for a small contribution, something for which you usually have to go to a fine restaurant or tavern, to meet somebody you know, to stop for a moment and distract yourself from daily life with a snack and a glass of wine... is not an everyday scenario. Sometimes famous cooks and amateurs join the cooking adventure, while singing and playing instruments may also take place.

Apart from its hedonistic and often educational character, the Gourmet Story has a humanitarian aspect - the entire income from the snacks sold always goes to some of the humanitarian associations.